Gesäuse National Park

Water, forest and rocks

Wild waters

Where the wild rivers Salza and Enns meet the looming rock faces of the Gesäuse Mountains, where the only National Park connects with the largest Styrian Nature Park and the thousand-year-old high culture of Admont Abbey intertwines with the century-old popular culture of the region – that’s where you’ll find the Gesäuse. No matter if you enjoy hiking, mountaineering, white water adventures or culture activities – the Gesäuse doesn’t provide you with a checklist. Instead, it is a place with a lot of room for your own stories, which, in the end, will make you say: the Gesäuse gives you strength.

Geopark by UNESCO

Precipitous limestone peaks, green forests and mountain pastures, mountain huts with fabulous views and the turbulent, foaming river rapids which give this high Alpine region its name await you in the Gesäuse National Park.
Some may find their Gesäuse in the tranquillity and the serenity of nature – and nature is a vital element of the Gesäuse. It is not without reason that the Gesäuse is home to a National Park – offering strictly protected and untouched wilderness that is hard to find elsewhere in Europe – and a Nature Park that is synonymous with a life in harmony with nature. Thanks to its geological features, the latter has also been declared a Geopark by UNESCO.


For centuries the Gesäuse has been famous for its breathtakingly beautiful, inaccessible scenery. Ever since Alpine sport began, the name Gesäuse has been synonymous with unique outdoor experiences for hikers, climbers, water sports enthusiasts and ski tourers. Over millions of years the waters of the Enns have deeply eroded this mountain range. In the process it created a gorge with steep walls soaring up to 1,800 metres into the air. The Gesäuse is home to the last unregulated sections of this great Alpine river, starting at the entrance to the Gesäuse, where the gentle Enns turns into white water. It drops more than 150 metres over the 16 kilometre gorge.

In the middle of the alpine republic

Although the jewel of nature lies in the middle of the Alpine republic, it is not a typical mass tourist destination. Partly undiscovered, it is ideal for travelers who seek and appreciate the genuine beauty of nature. Experience a variety of fascinating habitats in a small space!

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