Summer holiday

Wild waters and rocky mountains

Summer was invented for the Gesäuse. When the sun is out you know it is time to pay a visit to the mountains or to the (white) water. And for those days when the weather isn’t quite up to par there’s still a lot more to be discovered.

At a place where the Buchstein Mountains and the Hochtor Mountains look each other in the stone grey eyes and where two other mountain ranges are present, mountaineering clearly plays a central role. It is not without reason that the Gesäuse is also known as the ‘University of Mountaineering’ – understood as a symbol of more than one hundred years of alpinism, during which the Gesäuse mountains have earned their place in mountaineering history.

Wanna paddle through the emerald-green waters of one of the last natural rivers in Europe? Or do you prefer to get your dose of adrenalin through canyoning? Do you want to experience the roaring and whizzing Enns river up close? In the Gesäuse (the name refers to the roaring Enns river) those who prefer the water to the mountains will definitely get their money’s worth when rafting, kayaking or canoeing.

The museums in the Gesäuse are not just perfect rainy-day destinations. From Admont Abbey to the Silvanum Forest Museum in Großreifling – there’s so much waiting to be discovered. If you too want to experience the region’s exciting cultural treasures you should put on a Dirndl dress or Lederhosen and visit some of the festivals and events in the region.

They say that the eighth wonder of the world can be found in Admont. And indeed one feels tiny when standing on the checkered-pattern floor of the largest monastic library in the world, amidst – hold on now – 70,000 antiquarian books. Many of the books have been preserved in their original state from the 18th century. The Admont Abbey is located only 2 km away from Hotel Spirodom.

Discover the wealth of natural and cultural attractions in the Gesäuse region!